Monday, 28 May 2012

Dream . Hope . Desire :]

Wow its holiday now. Two weeks of holiday. I hate holidays actually. For me, holidays means “wasting times” because I do not have much activity to do. But if I have some cash to buy everything I wish for, I would call “holidays” as “having fun”. Maybe you were thinking about school homework, aren’t you? Well, I can handle that later. Before the school ends that day, my classmates and I were given some tasks to do this holiday. I am so happy we had been given some works because I can fill my holidays with the tasks. :D.
Five more months and the war will come. What war? PMR of course. Its Penilaian Menengah Rendah. I am so dead. This October will be the day of fighting against PMR paper. I can not believe the time passes so fast than I thought. By the way, it’s been a long time I did not check my blogger account. I did not see any new things here. It’s okay though. The important thing is I can still post some of my diaries here

Dream? I have a lot of dreams. I dreamed to have my own car, Acer Laptop of my own, hand phone, big house and a true love. But I would not manage to get all of that if I do not achieve my 8A in PMR this year. So I must struggle very very hard. I can not wait to turn 16 next year. No, not 16 but 17. Time is kept on clocking. If you want to know, I wished to be a 17-year old girl since I was 13. Why? Well because I can not wait to be an adult. I know being an adult is hard but I will try to face everything someday when I grew up. That is life, isn’t it?
Desire? I believe every desire I have. I want to have everything that I thought in my mind. But sometimes, our desire will never be fulfilled in easiest way. My teacher said, “if you want to get what you want, you must get it with a hard way”. Did you ever think why is the gold had a big value? Because it is hard to find it. Don’t you get it? If you found some gold at the street when you were walking to the office, surely the gold will have value of none because it can be found anywhere you go. So that is why the gold had a very big value when you sell it. Think about it.
Hope. I was talking nonsense. If you realize that, then congratulations. This time I want to talk about my hope. Did you ever think what is the different between hope, desire and dream? It’s almost the same, isn’t it? I choose these three words because they are meaningful to me. Without hope or desire or dream, I would totally lost because I do not know what is my DHD.(dream,hope,desire). For now, I am hoping to get excellence results this PMR. That is the only way I can get whatever I wished for. What else? I hope I can get my driving lessen. I really want to drive my car of my own.
So this is it readers. If you look at the time, it was insulting me to finish my works. Thank you for reading. I am sorry if there’s any word I said wrongly. If you have a broken nail, do not keep it in a box. If I have said something wrong, please please please, don’t ever keep it in your heart. :D. Thanks again for reading.

Monday, 21 May 2012

I need a pen-pal friend from other country :]

I am so serious to find a pen-pal friend from other country. I want to know more about other cultures in a country. I would accept pen-pal friend from :

- U.S.A

Aged 13 to 25 
Interest in both gender

If there are some readers from other country reading at this, please please please, let me be your pen-pal friend.  I would be honored to be your friend from MALAYSIA. I want to know more about other cultures in a country. If you are interest to be my friend, sent me a letter. This is my address :  

Kampung Sunsuron
P.O BOX, 216,
89657 Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia. 

- Purple things [blouse, dress, jumpsuit,]
- Purple Cellphone Samsung Galaxy [Tablet], Laptop, i Pad, mp3


- bitch pictures
- bad words
- lying at me
- fooling me
#Thank you for reading. If you like to be my pen-pal friend, send me a letter.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Boy , My Love :))

Hey guys, what would you do when your boyfriends were far apart from you ? I can feel how sad it is. I was thinking about it right now. I really missed my boy since he left Sabah and went to Kuala Lumpur this November. Thus, we don't have the chance to celebrate our anniversary at 25hb Dec. (not lying) . I'm really sad about it and I always feel depressed because we both can't no longer seeing each other anymore for 3 years. But I really wish and hope the school that he choose to continue study gave him some holidays next year. This year was totally bad. He can't go home this December because he had a class. Poor us. I'm really going to miss him sooooo muchhh !! Sometimes, when I think about our memories together before he have to go, my tears will fall and talking alone like a crazy girl. Well, you don't understand. I just have to get over to myself crying like a baby. So for now I only have to be patient, waiting for him to come back home someday. I hope he always going to missed me, remind me and all of our sweet memories together. I really don't want to lose him. I love him very much. Gonna miss you sweetie :'( . I wish you were here.

Since you and me are far apart now, I will always remember you
no matter how far we are. Our story will never end. I will also miss our memories together, laugh and cry together, doing our crazy things together and everything that really means to us. I hope our relationships will last forever. Muahh !! 

Your lovely girl,
-Alean- IMSSYOU !!

Monday, 21 November 2011

The best thing I'd ever had :)

People who read this may think that the best thing I'd ever had was a boyfriend or someone I admire. It always happens like that. Now, everyone will agree with me after you read this. The God will also smiling to see me making this story because it is very meaningful to everyone in this world. What do you think was the best thing I mention to? Not a boyfriend. Not an ice-cream and not someones that's popular. Not at all. After you read this, I'm sure it will reminded you of someone. Someone special, someones that really cares about you, always there for you, someone that always sacrifice for you and someone that loves you for a double triple times. And here's the story.
Everyday its a a new day for everyone. The same as my beloved mother. She's always the first one who woke up early in the morning. She realized that she had a lot of chores to do that day. In my observation, It's always been my mother do all the chores in the house. So I teach myself to helped her doing the things. Some chores such as cleaning the dining room, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor and so on makes me really realized how tire my mother doing all that things. Plus, my mother was sick and always coughing when she felt cold. My mother was very sensitive to a cold situation. She can't bath with a cold water. She was really sick right now . It's better I helped her finish this chores .
When I felt sick, my mother was also the one who threats me and bring me to the clinic. She paid the cots of medicine and making me a suitable food for me to eat. She always force me to eat medicine that I didn't like but I know she do that because she cares about me. She wants me to be always okay. Oh yeah, even if my mom already live for about 57 years(her age, for me, she's always younger than people in the world. She's the best.
Every time she mad at me, sometimes I cried because I felt disappointed. Her words was so tough and can makes me want to be alone by myself . Need to take a time. But after I think about it over and over, I just realized that I do the wrong things to my mother. How cruel of me ignoring something good from my mother. And so, I wanted to apologize to her and swear not to make the same mistakes again.  I only can pray that my mother won't leave me because there;s something here in my heart., I wanted to reply all the sacrifice that my mother do to me when I grew up older someday. For now, I'm just 14 years old and I can only helped my mother in the house.
In my life, I've heard many events and news that some people leave their mother because they think their was too old passion and they didn't want their mother's advice. They think that when they grew up older, they can live by themselves without their mother's love. They never think that only their mother always loves them and their mother was also the one who born them in this world. Guys, without a mother in this world, you were never born. There will be no happiness in you without a mother.
I learned a lot of lesson after that. So please, please don't ever hate, ignore  your mother. Don't be disobedient to your mother. For me, she's always the best of all. Even if mother was not popular as any artist, but she always be my inspiration in my whole life. She will be my friend when I need someone to talk to, she will be my teddy when I need someone to hug with.
Someday, I'll promise to myself that I will reply your sacrificing and all of the good things you do to me. Thank you mom. You the best thing I'd ever had . :)

 your sincerely daughter,

*Alean Sylvester*

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Nothing much to say today :?

It's been a while I didn't checked my blog . I was too bust studying . But not that too busy . I just don't have the time to check it . There were 3 days to go and the exam will end . I can't wait this exam to end . Please hurry up Mr.Time . Let it be fast as you can . I want to practise my song for the talent show this year . I must guarantee that this time , I will be chosen .  Last year I was not chosen . I don't know why . Only God and the judges knows it . Hurm . So for now, all I have to do is think about my exam . 3 days left and after that , I can bullying my friends again . Haha ! So ... That's it . I will post some other time which when I have the time to check my account .

Monday, 3 October 2011

- My bestest friends -

Friends and love are the same. Without love, there will be no friends. And without friends, there will also no love. Yeah. It’s the phrase where everyone knows it. So do I. Want to know here? I have a friend named LOUISE. We’ve been friends since 13 years old. LOUISE and I are not studying at the same primary school. She studies at SRJK Yuk Min while I studying at S.K Sunsuron. I want to tell you that she’s a good person. The most things I like about her are, she’s look like a kid but she’s cleverer than me. Want to know why I said she looks like a kid? Because… I am taller than her. Hahaha, kidding but true. I’m not teasing her. I like bullying her like I bullied my younger sister. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. I mean, a younger sister. I am the last daughter in my siblings. So, maybe it’s not wrong for me to call LOUISE as my sister. The cutest sister. Hahaha. She was born on 20th January but I was born on 3th February. So, she’s the one who was the sister here. ;]
I always wanted her to teach me in mathematics. She was really pro at maths. She always focuses on question maths. Sometimes, she always blabbers because she is too lazy to make the maths exercise. Me too, you know. I’ve hated maths for a long time ago but when I know that hating subjects is not good, I changed my mind. Even though I’ve always failed at maths, it doesn’t mean I failed forever, right? I still believe I can do it. My friend LOUISE also said the same thing. 
The second thing I like about her is, she is clever at finding on her own quotes. In Facebook, she’s always post some quotes and many of her friends likes it. So do I. Every quotes she post has something good in everybody’s life. Oh yeah, she also loves reading. She loves reading English book than Malay. She said Malay is hard to understand. She prefers English because it is more understanding. J
The best part of being LOUISE’s friend is, she’s a good person, understanding person, she keeps her friend’s secrets, helping others and have cooperation to others. She don’t like hanging out with the boys, she only interests in girls. Well, not that too interests. She always wants to do the best in her life. Other than that, she’s always thinks positively than negative. She believes herself. There are many good things in her life. That’s what I like about her. A TRUE FRIEND =].

We call our self as FRIENDS and SISTERS .
(best friends bh kmii :D hahaha)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Me love SINGING :D

My favorite past time ever is singing . I love singing because singing gives me many kind of inspiration . Other than that, I can express my feelings with singing and listening to music . Sometimes, when I'm in sadness, I would cry even just listening to music . So, I dedicated my life to be a singer , BUT NOT THE GREATEST SINGER . Its just my LIFE . And I bet, everyone loves listening to music . :D